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Early on in my life, I embarked on a journey to answer some fundamental questions about my life and my condition. Somehow people around me, my culture and my education weren't able to answer all these questions in a satisfactory manner. So I embarked on a journey where I took many different career paths, lived in many different cultures, experimented many different life styles and principles, until I finally realized the answer was within me the whole time.


Our bodies and minds and spirits have an inherent wisdom and capability of self healing from almost any physical and emotional circumstance. However we have become so embedded in our modern world that we have forgotten this capability, and in fact every day we do many things to hinder it. Even modern healing methods often interfere with these abilities to the extent that we believe that we have lost it.


This is why my aim and purpose is to bring people back in touch with their inner wisdom and the immense power within them that they have forgotten, because when you use today's knowledge and technology to enhance it instead of hinder it, miracles can happen. My approach is holistic: I treat the mind, body and spirit as a unified, whole entity. Unlike modern day methods which often treat mind, body and spirit (or consciousness) as three separate entities, I treat them as one entity manifesting itself in three different forms, which are tightly interconnected and intertwined and dependent on each other and constantly give feed-back to each other. Your body is not just a machine that when broken needs its parts to be replaced, and your mind is not just a motor driving this machine, and your emotions and feelings are not abstract entities separate from those. A healthy mind requires a healthy body requires a healthy spirit.


Ultimately healing comes from you, it has to be your choice, your work. Real healing is not a magic pill that I give you and you do nothing, it requires your active and willing participation. I can give you all the tools and the instructions to pursue your healing, but ultimately you are the one who has to do the real work.


True healing occurs when you allow yourself to be in complete alignment with yourself, that is when you allow yourself to become the truest, most authentic version of you, to express your fullest potential, to be in touch with the highest version of you. In order to do this, a lot of resistance has to be released, resistance that has been accumulated during a lifetime of constriction and of trying to fit social standards. When you let that resistance go, your energy will flow to such a degree that you will feel an aliveness and power that seems out of the ordinary.


At the moment my focus is on helping women in my country of origin - Italy - to overcome and heal codependency, a strongly widespread epidemic in my culture and something I have struggled with myself for many years. For this reason many of the materials I publish are in Italian language. However I also offer healing sessions in English language.



Do you have questions, would you like to write me a feed-back or comment, do you need information or a piece of advice, or would you like to tell me something about you? Write me your message. I will answer as soon as possible.


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